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Batch Cartridge | 1:1 Become Mellow (THC:CBN)

Thc CBD: 4.1%
Photo of Batch Cartridge | 1:1 Become Mellow (THC:CBN)

Achieve the ideal balance with the flawless 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, enriched by the inclusion of CBN minor, as well as the soothing, sweet, and floral notes of lychee found in Batch Mellow. Whether it’s for unwinding, relaxation, or simply melting into the couch, this blend invites you to kick back and embrace tranquility, promising a sublime chill-out experience like no other.

Batch is committed to delivering unmatched quality and precision. Sourced from locally grown cannabis, each batch undergoes meticulous distillation to preserve its distinctive terpene profile and potency. Crafted with care in our fully integrated facility, our 100% uncut, small-batch cannabis cartridges are tailored for the modern cannasseur, offering full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene profiles that elevate the cannabis experience. Nothing but nature, nice.

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