Honest | Blunt 6 Pack | Hybrid

Photo of Honest | Blunt 6 Pack | Hybrid

Honest Blunts are the world’s first organic, hemp-wrapped, whole-flower, machine-rolled blunts. Yeah, we know, that’s a lot of hyphens. But what it boils down to is that Honest Blunts provide the highest quality cannabis and the most consistent smoking experience available on the market today. Sound like a bold claim? It is! But we’re ready to stand behind each and every Honest Blunt we sell. What gives us so much confidence? We grow every piece of the Honest Blunt—from seed to sealed product—and we know everything that goes into our blunts…and everything that doesn’t. Honest Blunts are 100% tobacco free and only use the best organic marijuana that our many years of experience and know-how can grow. And we don’t just stop there. While other companies taint the experience by using cheap cigar paper as a wrapper, we take the high road (pun definitely intended). We use organic-processed hemp leaf to keep our blunts contained. That means that an Honest Blunt is completely cannabis. Can others say that? Nope. That’s how we know with certainty that Honest Blunts are the best blunts bar none. Trust us, you’ve never tasted anything like this before!


  • Calm
  • Energetic
  • Happy
  • Relaxed