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What Is IgadI

IgadI is about complete transparency, quality, and affordability.

IgadI is revolutionizing the marijuana industry by unveiling the processes and science behind growing, cultivating and manufacturing choice quality marijuana. A visit to our 12,500 square foot facility is not a simple visit to your local dispensary—it’s an experience. When you enter our lobby, you will look directly into our clone and vegetative rooms to see young plants as they begin their journey to harvest.

A door to your right leads to an observation room that looks into our main garden where 500 cannabis plants in full flower will reveal themselves to your view and inspection. Touchscreen monitors are available at all stages of the process to explain what you are witnessing. Like a visit to the aquarium, you will be looking into another world—only instead of sea life, this world will consist of budding, flowering cannabis gardens, and will be the only one of its kind in America.

As you continue into our retail shop, before you choose what products you wish to purchase, you can peer into our industrial kitchen and watch how canna-chefs infuse and prepare all of our delicious edibles. Come by and see how the marijuana you consume is made—we eagerly await sharing our garden with you!

  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Affordable

Our Team

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Kemsley Wilton

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Steve Michel

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David Michel

General Counsel
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Josh Pennington

General Manager

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