Who We Are


IgadI is a vertically integrated cannabis company dedicated to creating the ultimate experience by providing high quality cannabis products through transparency and education. We prioritize a straightforward, innovative approach to developing and retailing cannabis products while fostering a welcoming, transparent, and educational experience for our customers..


IgadI’s Headquarters, in Tabernash, Colorado, showcases one of the largest observable marijuana grows in the world. This state-of-the-art grow features a waiting room with viewership into the three stages of expert plant cultivation. The retail space includes a view into our professional edibles kitchen in addition to providing educational information on all of the processes occurring behind scenes at IgadI. Our mission is to allow consumers to learn and experience the art and intelligence that goes into making our products such as: Gummies, Baked Goods, Concentrates, and Cartridges, all grown, refined, and infused at our Tabernash facility. Although Tabernash is our only location with a viewable experience, we strive to harbor a similar shopping experience throughout all of our 10 retail locations in Colorado.

Our Story

Before IgadI, our founders were normal, hard-working people living in the mountains and employed in their respective industries, such as administration, bar/restaurant, finance, law, and science; all while having an unfulfilled passion for cannabis. When the Colorado legal cannabis industry took off after recreational legalization in 2014, they began to question the mysteriousness and unwelcoming environment towards consumers observed in the market, in both the retail shopping experience and the products being sold. They sought to change that.

Along with their own expertise, they assembled a team of skilled individuals from their network with educated backgrounds and experience to apply innovation, science, and technology to their passion of growing, refining, and infusing cannabis products. They also knew that to truly execute their vision they needed a strong business organizational structure which was uncommonly seen in the industry at the time. Their needs were met by finding talent in Colorado that not only answered their demands for business experience but also shared the same passion for cannabis.

Upon finding the property for what would be our first store location and production facility in Tabernash, CO, the founders had an epiphany: why not show our customers exactly how growing and refining cannabis takes place? They decided to create a viewable experience for the customer, providing an observable window into our cultivation and kitchen to literally show and educate customers on the level of intelligence and craft to successfully produce quality cannabis.

Since opening our doors in May of 2015, IgadI has become a leading retailer and producer of cannabis in Colorado with 10 retail locations, several grow centers, a lab, and an edibles kitchen. We pride ourselves on a straight-forwardness approach to cannabis and cultivating a welcoming IgadI family not only within our company, but also to every customer that walks through our doors. Our purpose is to continue to expand our footprint and bring qualitytransparency, and education of cannabis to our beautiful state of Colorado.